Tatami Carpet mat Japanese tea dyed Size: 150"W (382cm) *187 "L(477cm)【10P03Dec16】:IGUSAWORLD - 30afd

Tatami Carpet mat Japanese tea dyed Size: 150"W (382cm) *187 "L(477cm)【10P03Dec16】This is a carpet made in the rush(Igusa).
As rugs when and yoga mat, relax, picnic, I can use the room, outside the room.
Good smell the rush(Igusa).
Edge is listed with, and durable.
The rush(Igusa), there is also a cleaning effect of air.
There is a deodorant antibacterial effect of catechin in because it is dyed in Japan tea rush(Igusa).
Lightweight, it is possible to carry-folding.
It is a safe and reliable products made by hand in Fukuoka Chikugo district of Japan.
Material: rush [Igusa](made in Japan 100%)
Color: color material
Size: 150 "W (382cm)× 187" L(191cm)

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 Made In Japan,Rush(Igusa)Tatami Carpet