Africa in Pictures: Pictures that shame the world

These are inmates in a typical African prison where human rights are violated. Who cares! We are well in Africa.
These are inmates in a typical African prison where human rights are blatantly violated with impunity. Facilities like the New Bell Prison in Douala (pictured) exceed their minimum capacity.

According to the United Nation’s Human right commission, Cameroon has one the worst prisons in the world.

Human rights groups are calling on the Cameroonian authorities to improve the conditions at its poor and chronically overcrowded prisons.

Rights advocates say inadequate sanitation, food, water, as well as torture are rife in the prisons.

Hungry-looking inmates heading to the court in Cameroon (Photo credit : Solomon Amambo)

Facilities like the New Bell prison in the economic capital of Doula is notorious for over crowdedness. Initially built for 300 inmates, the dilapidated facility is now home to over a thousand prisoners.

Meanwhile, according to this blog by Solomon Amambo, some of the youths who were arrested during the 2008 riots that rocked cities in Cameroon are still being held in prisons.

Ex President Blaise Compaore. While in power as president of Burkina Faso, he might not have known the price of a piece of bread, but that’s what he had to settle for when he was chased away.  Compaore pictured  munching bread after he was overthrown. What goes up must come down.

Authority forgets the dying king, they say. This is the mighty Blaise Compaoré, one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, who was swept from power after 27 years by popular and violent popular uprising.

Here he is seen eating what appears to be a piece of bread in a corner shop without the luxurious trappings. What goes up must come down.

Surrounded by luxury, Blasie Compaore might not have known the price of a piece of bread, but that’s what he had to settle for when he was chased away.

What God put together even poverty cannot put asunder.

This is a newlywed couple who just tied the knot. But the honeymooners couldn’t afford a taxi-cab ride home. They had to make do with a ride on a motorcycle still wearing their bridal garments pictured above.

This is obviously in contrast to the sumptuous weddings arranged by the rich. What God has put together even poverty cannot put asunder.

A lustful looking lady chills out with an unenviable toy  on stand by.

Is it said that lust is one of the seven deadly sins! This is what happens when you are unable to control your desire.

When you are gluttonous and always want to eat, you have to take precaution by carrying food with you wherever you go  all the time just in case as this lady pictured is doing. You never can tell when you will be griped by the urge to have a go. Only in Europe?

Roads from hell. Travelling through some enclave parts of Cameroon is nightmarish, yet a golden opportunity for some smarts guys to make quick bucks.

The residents of Ekondo Titi, a small town in the South West of Cameroon must be wondering what they have done to merit  the government’s complete neglect of their locality.

The muddy roads are impassable especially during the raining season.

Here, a handful of smart guys make a few quick bucks by helping motorists navigate through earthen roads.

But Ekondo Titi is not alone in this plight.

One division with arguably the worst road network in Cameroon is in the Lebialem division still  in the south west region of Cameroon.

Though Lebialem has lovely rolling mountains and outstanding scenic spots like the Lebialem Water, accessibility  to the locality is fraught with risk.

Like Ekondo Titi, Lebialem which was created in 1992 is also an  enclave.

An aerial view of Menji, the divisional headquarters of Lebialem.
An aerial view of Menji, the divisional headquarters of Lebialem.

It is along this line that residents from this locality living in Europe and the US have formed various associations to raise funds to help upgrade the deplorable roads in the area as well as other developmental issues, according to a spokesperson of LECDA-USA, Professor Eugene Ngezem.

This is a muddy track that passes for  the main road leading to the administrative headquarters of  a division in Cameroon. God Forbid!.

Concerned residents of Lebialem in the USA would hold a huge convention in Atlanta Georgia on May 28th to discuss the project and collects funds.

The lion is well documented  as king of the forest. But here, the king of the jungle is running for its dear life after  it tried to capture a buffalo for its dinner.  United we stand, divided we fall.

Sometimes, strength does not matter even if you are the king of the forest; strength in number is the key.

The picture above shows a reversal of roles as a lion known as the kind of the jungle, runs for its dear life after coming up against a herd of buffalo determined to beat life out of lion.

One-on-one, the lion will take out the buffalo all day long, but the sheer number of the buffalos was enough to send the lion skidding.

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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