African prophets’ dark world of prophecy exposed – They use black magic, says another prophet

  • Prophets sleeping with snakes in lieu of their wives

  • Must sacrifice family or church members to be rich and famous

Just when the dust raised by the acquisition of private jets ‘walking-in-the-air’ by a Malawian preacher, another chilling admission has been made by yet another Malawian pastor.

Prophet Kautsire (R) with host Brian Banda (L).jpg
Whistleblower? Prophet Trevor Kautsire (R) after his TV interview with anchor-man Brian Band

Prophet Trevor Kautsire has told a Malawian journalist that some prophets use satanism and magic and not the Holy Spirit to make miracles happen.

The man of God made the damming disclosure during a TV programme in Malawi that was relayed by Malawi42.

‘‘I am speaking this from experience; some Prophets have had to sacrifice their church members to gain fame. You have heard of people dying in places of worship, it is because they are using the people as sacrifices” Prophet Trevor Kautsire told TV anchorman, Brian Banda.

Commentators say this comment was directly referring to the Nigerian teleprophet TB Joshua at whose church over a hundred people died when the roof of the building caved in recently.

Eighty-one South Africans were among the 116 people killed on September 12 2014 when the six-storey guest house belonging to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos, led by preacher TB Joshua, collapsed.
TB Joshua the self-proclaimed Nigerian Prophet and leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lago, Nigeria. In 2014, a six-story guest house caved in killing  116 people .

He further added that, “I was in South Africa and I met the who-is-who of the gospel, what they told me is heart-breaking,” said Kautsire.

‘‘Prophets are stopped from having sex with their wives, they have sex with a snake’’ the Prophet disclosed.

He added that when he was in South Africa he was told of rituals that he had to perform if he were to become a renowned Prophet. Kautsire disclosed that the ritual involved sacrifices that included the killing of family members or church members.

Shocking Sermon: A South African Pastor asks congregants to Strip naked In Church.

Kautsire further said that it was easy to decipher fake Prophets because they do ‘miracles’ for no important reason.

“A miracle is supposed to meet a need, however when a Prophet does a miracle that does not meet any need there is no reason to believe that Prophet,” he said.

Many pundits have been quick to point out that he was apparently referring to Bushiri who has been in the news for the walk-in-the air stunt which does nothing to glorify the name of the Lord.

He said that Prophets are using magic, witchcraft and Satanism to perform miracles.

“There are some who are told to keep a worm and keep feeding it, the worm grows into a snake and when it comes to that stage where it is a snake, it brings them money. The catch is that one should never sleep with their wife but the snake,” said Kautsire disclosing the secrets in the dark world of Prophecy.


Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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