Air your views on CRS new programme “Off Your Chest”

In a bit to interactively engage its thousands of listeners across the world, Continental Radio Station has launched a new slot called Off Your Chest.

Off Your Chest is a listeners-orientated feature for them to air their views on any topic of their choice, be it sports, music, politics, lifestyle, romance, showbiz or gossips about your favourite celebrity or indeed anything under the sun.

It’s that simple to take part in: All you need to do is record your views on any topic of your choice, be it politics, lifestyle, romance, your favourite celebrity or indeed anything under the sun that you would like others to know.

Record your views and or comments on your mobile phone and send it to our WhatsApp number: 00-639-174-759-303 or use our social media platforms. You also send your entry to:
 Continental Radio Twitter handle is: @CRSafrica

Entry should not exceed one minute.
Continental Radio Station is the voice of the continent.

Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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