Amrit Ghatore Returns With Cinematic New Single ‘Burn’ Out Now

Having spent the last few years honing and developing his sound of bold and cinematic RnB, West-London’s Amrit Ghatore now returned with his latest single  Burn , a release that brings together his cultural and religious heritage under the guise of new-wave pop music.

After releasing his heavily-praised debut EP Personal Past last year, a collection that was inspired by his upbringing in the capital’s Sikh Indian community, he now returns this year with new single Burn.

Taking cues from other artists such as The Weeknd, the frontman has delivered one of his most euphoric and ambitious tracks to date. Filled with a vibrant and amthemic production, Burn looks to cement the artist as one of the more forward-thinking artists emerging from the capital right now.

Speaking about his latest cut, the frontman added, “This song is a call and response -Layout.. About betrayal… And hidden truths!’

“Told you I had knives right deep inside my life. This is not what I wanted but know I’m entangled’

“It’s about seeking a connection beyond the physical realm and merging the two into one.”

With an ever-growing fan base on social media, from both his music and modelling career, Amrit has performed at shows in theatres across the county, from Paul Robinson theatre to the Barbican, and is expected to do more of the same as he moves into 2019 with gusto.

Amrit Ghatore
Genre :pop / Rock /fusion
Mobile number : 07886367649
Email address : /
Follow Amrit on Instagram = @amrit.ghatore


Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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