British-Nigerian songstress, Bumi Thomas, recounts ordeal in “Broken silence”

Broken silence was written and recorded during the peak of Bumi Thomas’ residency battle with the British Home Office UK last year.  

Bumi Thomas is a contemporary British Nigerian multidisciplinary artist based in London whose work explores transcending cultural boundaries. Music and photography are her mediums of   synthesis.

‘The human voice is a raging canvas through which words and melodies create patterns of experience. I tell stories about movement, displacement, joy and humanity.’

To enjoy Bumi’s music is to experience a cinematic sound that combines jazz, high-life rhythms, palmwine grooves, reggae and blues, infused with folk and delivered with soul.

   Bumi Thomas

Thomas has spoken at TEDx Events about the Power of Purpose, the role of art in evolving cultures and the Ripple Effect on the Next Generation; Guilty Feminist, BBC and other platforms.

She curates immersive experiences that stimulate trans-cultural dialogue about the role of the female voice in 21st century society, highlighting the role of art in evolving cultures.

Thomas believes in the importance of creating physical/ ideological spaces that encourage women to activate the feminine principle, take authorship of how they are perceived historically and reclaim their identity through ART, and positive self- representation.

Bumi Thomas was born in Glasgow to Commonwealth Citizens in 1983 and is currently raising awareness through her Initiative ‘Border Natives’ Migration Culture + Interconnections about the retroactive consequences of the 1981 British Nationality Act on UK Born residents that are yet to be formally recognised as citizens in Britain today, due to the changes in Immigration law that have compounded in the Hostile Environment Policy. She continues to advocate for the rights of the disenfranchised using music as a catalyst for social change.

“Broken Silence ” expresses the experience of Border Natives in a changing landscape and the range of emotions the displaced endure when transitioning from one state of liminality to another”.

The song is a visceral, rhythmic and melodic body with rich grooves that combine inflections of highlife, Jazz, reggae, afrobeat and blues with a pop sensibility.

Coincidentally this EP was released June 12th, exactly a year after Thomas received the refusal letter and threat of Deportation from the home office in June 2019 despite being born in Glasgow and living in the UK for the majority of her adult life.

“That moment turned my world upside down and led to public outrage and a nationwide wide campaign that caught the attention of mainstream media and a petition with over 25,000 signatures.

“Osiki and I created this EP whilst I was fighting for my right to be recognised as a British Citizen. These songs are borne from the spectrum of states I traversed on a personal yet public journey of belonging and displacement. It also captures the beauty of love and power of friendship in times of uncertainty.

Other songs in the Ep are  Soul Harmony ft Randolph Mathews; Leso Leso, Black child (Child of the Sun) ft Martei, Ekwueme {Breathe} ft Michelle Escoffery & Ayanna Witter Johnson and  Fire ft Aina More




Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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