Budding Cameroonian artiste, Dready Christ drops Solo Debut EP

The ever burgeoning music industry in Cameroon has been further enriched with the entry of a versatile artiste Dready Christ, who recently released his debut solo EP titled Black power.

Dready Christ, curving out a name for himself in music

By all accounts, Dready Christ, 27, is a multi talented singer who perfectly maneuvers across multiple genres of music and has dubbed himself ‘Music-In-Person’.

Aside from singing, Dready’s other tasks include leading a Cameroonian music band, Les ROOTS (former P.I.M Boys).

In spite of the challenges the young artiste has to grapple with on a daily basis, he still found time to pursue his solo career on the sidelines that culminated to the release of Black power which is presently doing the rounds.

Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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