Cameroon: official question over death of pregnant mum and unborn twins left to die for lack of money.[Warning: Graphic images some might find distressing]

State-owned Laquintini hospital Doula
State-owned Laquintini hospital Doula

Three officials; the Director of Laquantinie Hospital, Jean II Dissongo, the mortuary attendant, and a nurse are reported to have been questioned March 12, 2016 after the death of a pregnant mother carrying twin, in what sounds like a fairy tale.

The victim identified as KOUMATE MONIQUE, 31 was rushed on board a taxi to the emergency department of the Laquatinie Hospital, Douala accompanied by some relatives, one of whom was her niece.

It is reported that no one was present to assist them, coupled with her lack of funds for deposit before she is granted any attention.

Military officials remove corpses of mum and twins
Military officials remove corpses of mum and twins

Witnesses said Monique loses consciousness thereafter. A medic who reportedly appeared with a stethoscope confirmed her dead while she was still in the taxi.

Her corpse is removed by her relatives and laid  in front of the emergency ward. The Medic who confirmed her dead had reportedly disappeared.

With the strong feeling that the babies were still alive and that there was need to save them, Monique’s niece, rushed for a surgical blade in a nearby pharmacy, with which she tore open the womb of  pregnant woman.

The hospital staff and other curious passersby watched in total indifference. The twin babies reportedly died minutes after the ‘operation.’ Some medics at the hospital are already quoted as arguing that the lady died before arriving hospital without responding to concerns about abandoning her because of lack of money.

Twins pulled out alive, but passed away
Twins pulled out alive, but passed away

Tension mounted at hospital as the corpse of Monique and her dead twin were been ferried to the same hospital morgue.

The incident comes barely a month after Cameroon’s Public Health Minister, Andre Mama Fouda, in a memo warned the staff of the Laquantinie Hospital to take care of patients rushed to the emergency ward without mounting pressure on patients for a deposit.

Such a memo would have not been in existence if the Minister was unaware of the practice which apparently contributed to the death of Monique if she actually arrived the hospital alive.

Meanwhile Monique’s niece who transformed herself into a gynaecologist in her attempt to save the babies has also reportedly been questioned.  Since the current management installed in April 2012 the Douala Laquantinie hospital has moved from one scandal to the other.

There were heavy allegations of trafficking in human organs at the hospital few years back.

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