Cameroon rap star,Stanley Enow spearheads African unity through music.

United stars: Stanley Enow and Ghanaian rap star Sarkodie on the label of the remix ‘Njama Njama’

Some media outlets refer to him as Cameroon’s most marketable hip-hop artiste, but he calls himself king of Cameroon hip hop and Bayangi Boy, in an apparent reference to his ancestral origin.

This is the story of Stanley Enow, who, in the space of three years has risen from a local street singer to a veritable African hip hop icon in the making.

The meteoric rise of this young Cameroonian artiste can be pinned down to dint of hard work. Perhaps what has quickly propelled Stanley Enow to prominence is his inherent aptitude towards pan-Africanism, at least in the music industry. While African politicians are still haggling over how to unite the African Continent, Stanly is already at it.

In a quick chat with Continental Radio Station , multi talented Stanley Enow said he has so far been the brainchild of a number of musical collaborations with fellow African rap singers. He cited his collabo with Ghanaian born Michael Owusu Addo, known by his stage name as Sarkodie.

Stanley Enow fondly called Bayangi boy is Cameroon’s first ever MTV nominee and winner.

Both the Cameroonian and the Ghanaian rap stars did a remix of Stanley’s hit song ‘‘Njama Njama’’ in 2014. Along the same lines, Enow also teamed up with the popular Nigerian singer Ice prince and most recently with another pop star Locko.

Making the rounds both in Cameroon abroad now is the duet titled ‘Bounce’ that Enow did featuring Aka Locko. The track has already attracted over 70.000 views on YouTube.

As an apparent testimony of Stanly Enow’s industry, the young Cameroonian artiste, who is also the CEO and co-founder of the brand Motherworld Empire ,has already bagged eleven awards both at home and abroad.

His latest acquisition was Best Urban Artist sponsored by Canal 2 International. His 2013 premier album captioned ‘Hein Pere’ that was a hit, won the Best new Act category at the 2014 MTV Africa Music Award.

Julius Essoka

Author: Julius Essoka

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