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At Career Karma we are passionate about helping people switch careers from non-tech fields to tech jobs to acquire new skills and obtain higher salaries. I think this is especially relevant during COVID-19 when thousands lost their jobs.

What Should You Do When You Lose Your Job Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has been incredibly disruptive to the workforce and changed many aspects of society. Millions across the country are scrambling for work and the competition to reenter the job market has never been higher. To that end, fighting all of that competition right now is not the smartest course of action while the pandemic is still raging.

If you have lost your job due to Covid-19, you should take this time to revamp your skillset and prepare to enter the workforce with a new set of skills, rather than trying to get back into the flow of it all immediately. Technology is changing the future of work drastically and preparing for that change now can help set you up in a lucrative career later down the road.

Take a Coding Class

Coding is the field of the future. It has been on the rise in the last decade and is now being included in the common core for schools across the country. Both coders and programmers will be in high demand as the workforce develops. The best part about this field is that you can learn to program by yourself.

With that said, there are numerous coding languages that can be studied, and choosing the right one for a certain career is incredibly important. Therefore, it may be beneficial to seek out some of the best coding bootcamps. Coding is an important skill for the future of work and it is beginning to be used in most fields, some of which are not even tech-based.

Acquiring these skills early on can set you apart in the coding field when it becomes too saturated. When employers question as to why they should hire you, you can respond with an answer that few people can. Unfortunately, this market will become saturated as time goes on, so entering it while it is fresh can set you apart from the competition.

Pursue Web Development

Web development is one of the fastest-growing tech fields, at an estimated 13 percent by 2028 according to the Burea of Labor Statistics. A large number of web developers are self-taught and can enter any industry due to their skills, along with the variability that comes with the job.

The most successful web developers, by far, are full stack developers. For perspective, people within this profession are capable of completely building a functioning website from scratch and are often kept on board by companies to troubleshoot and maintain their websites.

As you may have guessed, becoming a web developer requires extensive knowledge of programming languages. For that reason, obtaining those skills in coding, as discussed earlier, gains even bigger importance. At the end of the day, changing careers after losing your job is a big step. You need to self-reflect and decide if this is really something you wish to do. If your answer is an adamant yes, then web development is a great option to consider that has high growth potential.

Work on Your Resume

Whether you held onto your job for decades or a few months, it’s best to brush up your resume after losing your job. You may not be applying for work right away, but keeping your resume current and on standby ensures that you can start looking for work right away.

Deciding the most important things to add to your resume can be difficult when you have a wide array of experiences and skills, but adding some of the top computer skills recruiters look for, if you have them, is a smart option.

HR Dive covered a report on how long recruiters look at your resume on average and the answer is a short seven seconds. Therefore, adding the key items they are looking for is the best way to have a better shot of landing yourself a new job.


No matter how you look at it, technology is the future of work. Losing your job now, if you were in a non-tech field, may have been a blessing in disguise. Use this as an opportunity to develop your craft into something more useful for the workforce. There are millions of traditional workers who are going to be displaced because technology can perform their jobs more efficiently. Acquiring skills that deal directly with technology, however, is a fantastic way to stay in the workforce for the long term. Losing your job is always frustrating, but remember that you now have an opportunity in front of you that should not be squandered.


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