East African songstress Lady Jaydee out with ‘I don’t’ care visuals’

Rising Tanzanian songstress Lady Jaydee has released the visuals of her main track titled I don’t care
Other songs in the album include Yahaya and  Ndi ndi ndi.

Lady Jaydee who has been in the East African Entertainment industry for over a decade blends rich, soulful African vocals with arrangements and instrumentation blending both African traditional and modern influences.

I Don’t’t care  is the club banger music written by Judith Wambura and produced by Man Water (Combination sounds) ,in which Lady Jaydee sings in Swahili & English.

Lady Jaydee, whose real names are Judith Wambura Mbibo, is a prominent Tanzanian female singer who specializes in the R&B/Zouk/Afro Pop genres.

She was voted Best Tanzanian Female R&B Artist in 2002, performed at the Kora All Africa Designers Competition, and was awarded “Best R&B Album” at the Tanzania Music Awards on August 6, 2004.

In July 2005, she won an award for “best female video for South Africa”. She was among the first females to sing R&B in Swahili.

Lady Jaydee rose to prominence in 2001 when she released her first solo album titled Machozi which crowned her Tanzanian Best Female Artiste.

She has continued winning numerous awards in and out of Tanzania including the most recent award in South Africa during the Channel O Video Music Award Best African East 2003, for her video Machozi  2005 for the ‘Distance’ and best Collaboration Video with Titi from Uganda for “ Makini” video.

Jaydee blends rich souldful African vocals with arrangements and instrumentation combining both African traitional and modern influences.

Notable international collaboration includes Samba Mapangala from DR Conngo, Chameleone, Mad Ice and Ngoni from Uganda and Mina Nawe from South Africa.

Lady Jaydee Social media platforms

twitter :@Jidejaydee             https://twitter.com/JideJaydee
Instagram:  @Jidejaydee      https://www.instagram.com/jidejaydee
Facebook:  @LadyJaydee    https://www.facebook.com/ladyjaydee


Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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