Editorial: Nigeria’s military dilly-dally vis-à-                        vis Boko Haram

The recent Video released by the terrorist organization, Boko haram/ has again reignited the debate whether the Nigerian administration is doing enough to secure the release of the Chibok girls abducted by the extremists, a couple of years ago. Click to listen to Continental Radio’s Editorial concerning the recent video about the chibok girls.

Black Lives matter, the paradox of President Obama’s administration

The disquieting rise in the number of African Americans killed by white police in the United States is woven in a remarkable paradox. Nobody ever had the slightest idea that the election of the first black US president would paradoxically lead to the United States becoming more racist.

In spite of being the first black US president, President Obama would surely go down on record as the only US President who witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of black people killed by cops during his two terms at the White House.

Statistics of US police shooting to death African Americans are staggering and damning.

An African American protester carrying a banner with a poignant message. The protest that continue throughout the United states follow the shooting of two black men .

Out of a total number of 44 US presidents, Obama’s administration has helplessly seen the killing of over 500 African Americans just within the past 24 months according to mapping police violence.com. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, no justice has been done to water down public opinion that racism is once again showing its ugly face.

A paradox indeed! The disturbing reality is that it is undeniable President Obama is the most pro-gun control president the United States have ever had.

When President Obama took over, there was the euphoria that he was going to breach the colour gap among America across the board. But with less than four months left in his tenor as president, there is no chance of that ever happening.

We cannot lay any blames on Obama’s doorstep. President Obama has repeatedly tried to lobby congress to implement a stricter gun control, but like the trigger-happy white cops shooting African American people, Obama’s proposal for gun control was summarily shot down by a reluctant congress. SEETHING

One appalling reality about the whole affairs is that justice has never been done, at least from the prism of a black eye, and there is no reason to suggest that justice would be done any time soon regarding the successive killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castilo in spite of the stone-wall evidence in the public eye.

An African American protester carrying a banner with a poignant message. The protest that continue throughout the United states follow the shooting of two black men .

African Americans are not in denial as some US politicians seems to be. Writing in New York Times, Michael Eric Dyson, a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University has this so say: ‘‘ We do not want cops to be executed at a peaceful protest. We also don’t want cops to kill us without fear that they will ever face a jury, much less go to jail, even as the world watches our death on a homemade video recording. This is a difficult point to make as a racial crisis flares around us’’

Professor Dyson continues ‘‘if you do not know us, you also refuse to hear us because you do not believe what we say. You have decided that enough is enough. If the cops must kill us for no good reason, then so be it because most of us are guilty anyway. If the black person that they kill turns out to be innocent, it is an acceptable death, a sacrificial one’’ Professor Dyson concludes.

We at Continental Radio Station do not want to blame the cops, but we blame the culture that has produce cops who believe that black is bad and should be shot at with impunity. President Obama’s hands are clean though he would admit that it was his administration’s undoing to eliminate the black and white divide in the United States.

A new baby is born – welcome on board the Continental Radio Station (CRS). It was a painful delivery, because good things don’t come that easy; but at long last we are here to stay.

We are a group of young African talents who are spurred by the unbridled desire to portray Africa the way it should be seen.

In a bit to water down the all-too familiar negative headline stories that dominates tabloids and airwaves both in Africa and elsewhere, we thought it would be wise to launch a pan African radio station devoted to music, culture and society, with the sole aim of showcasing the world the rich African culture.

 CRS studio One
      CRS studio One

nd because we are also seasoned journalists with wealth of experience behind us, we will also break news. Ours is designed to be a one-stop shop that fits the bill.

As explained elsewhere on this site, Continental Radio Station broadcasts round the clock in English and French. Among other things, CRS is also a media platform that seeks to expose budding African artists and music as well as for African music lovers.

Our radio is manned by a committed team of seasoned media professionals and a network of correspondents across the continent and beyond.

We at CRS are not afraid to dish out the real African music and nothing but music. Come on board.

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