English speaking teachers in Cameroon embark on indefinite strike action

Teachers from the two English speaking regions in Cameroon have embarked on an indefinite strike action to protest against the non respect of the Anglophone system of education. Cameroon, a former British and French colony uses two systems of education instituted by the colonial masters.

The strike action came barely a week after a similar action taken by English speaking lawyers in Cameroon. The demonstration by the legal experts was dispersed when Cameroonian police used teargas and water cannon on the lawyers, some of whom were beaten and wounded.  President Paul Biya of Cameroon, who  has been in power for more than three decades, is on record for his repressive measures against opponents of his regime and policies.

Continental radio Station spoke to the president of one of the teachers’ unionist leader, Valentine Timeh, who leads the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon.

Mr. Tameh Valentine began the interview by introducing himself.

Listen to the full interview here:



Author: Ange

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