Farewell Professor Tazoacha Asonganyi


Professor Tazoacha Asonganyi, a brilliant and sincere man, a science professor who measured the human world with a straight yard stick, which no person’s head should rise above as a matter of favor, even himself.

He will be remembered as a giant of himself.

This person has read many of Prof Asonganyi’s writings, from politics – his inspiration to his scientific articles – a reflection of his professional and intellectual being.

One of his articles, “Storm of Passing King Exposes New Trends,” written with such vigor and intensity, surely because Professor Asonganyi was writing about his own culture and tradition, aspects he had deep knowledge in, because  he grew up in them.

This article balances on truth, power, politics, traditional politics, people and group politics, the science of human governance, and the science of human behaviour’s; then, fact, analyses, opinions, and if it has one central word, it is “change.”

The article certainly reveals who Prof Asonganyi was, if someone knew him well, or did not know who he was, but read the article as intensely as he wrote it.

This person believes this was one Prof Asonganyi’s most intense writing, perhaps because we share the same cultural and traditional identity, the foundation of the article.

In truth, only a member of Lebang Royal family and of Professor Asonganyi status, and his strength, could, with such bluntness present those facts, the circumstances, and make those analyses without facing public castigations.

His intuitions, his improvised procedures, and improvised decisions helped prevent what by Nweh tradition should have been a “cultural catastrophe” in a hospital scene, filled with anxiety and emotion, and fueled by modern time pressure to know, and now.

Prof Asonganyi
Prof Asonganyi , would be laid to rest Saturday July 23rd in his hometown Lebang, South West Cameroon

In an after-thought, Prof Asonganyi questions his own good instincts, no, he scorns his own good instincts, and initiative, and his improvised actions, and almost sequentially self judges himself, in some areas harshly, even for what he helped protect – which was an aspect of centuries old Lebang culture which is kept reverend.

He extends apologies to those he had wronged, he publicly judges his own-self without reservations, this was Prof Asonganyi.

It is his quest for truism in Cameroon politics – his aspiration, which certainly caused him not have many friends along the Yaoundé political corridors. “True democracy” named “foreign models” in Cameroon has an alternative in Cameroon named “Backdoor politics.”

A deeply corrupt system that has helped ruined a nation, depriving about 90 to 95 % (estimate – not measured by a poll or census), of citizens a good life from hard-work.

The system is what Prof Asonganyi fought to influence by speaking a political language of truth.

Drawing him into a circle meant one was sure he will be a change agent, not a conformist – for, he was unlikely to merely say “yes” or rubber stamp without questioning.

Such a quest for truth, and truism in politics, and clarity in Cameroon politics, made political corridors in Yaoundé treat him coldly – distancing him as an “altruist” – a word Cameroon politics seeks to avoid.

A reason why Cameroon, a country badly in need of real leadership did not cherish such a free thinking mind.

Formulate all interpretations, subjective or objective, now or later, one will realize that how much Lebialem has lost a giant. No one human being ever did everything during his/her lifetime.

Prof Tazoacha Asonganyi, farewell, as you live the human we today.

Alenda ,USA


Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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