Gabonese artist, Kalon returns with new song “Oluwa”

Gabonese born singer, Kalon, whose real name is Nombo Rodrigue has released yet another smashing hit song Oluwa, after a long silence. Kalon, who now resides in Ghana, has also released the visuals of his new song.

The video tells us how Kalon was almost killed in the desert of Agadez with his team last year. The artist wanted to share this experience with his fans for them to fathom the story behind the title Oluwa.

Kalong was born in Libreville, Gabon in 1986, and considers himself as an Afro beat rapper.

Kalong was born in Libreville, Gabon in 1986, and considers himself as an Afro beat rapper

Influenced by artists such as 2Pacs, Big, Nas, Busta Rhymes and many others, Kalon forged his musical culture in hip hop as a teenager by doing freestyles and participating in battles and clashes in the ghettos of Libreville.

The young artist was fully integrated into the hip hop culture in 2004 through the Engong Inc team made up of Fang, SIX and SUPA with whom he will truly discover the facades of free-living rap.

With their assets, a compilation ENGONG INC VIBE, first thrill solo with the video Placement , Kalon becomes then this rapper who agitates Rap Gabonese.

In 2011, a new adventure begins with the GOOD DONNE Family, house of production and artistic management where he signed and played the leading roles.

This production solidified with the release of its first gold nugget, the maxi single called Kinda Mabé which allows the artist to be definitely a figure in Gabonese hip hop and especially a revelation for hip hop African with other titles like You love you too much gos which was popular in more than 20 African countries.

His first solo album appeared on July 05, 2013, entitled My Light composed of 13 tracks that are his sensitivity; in a combination of rap and other styles of music, with themes that swim between fiction and reality, this rap ride was immediately ranked among the albums that mark the Gabonese hip hop.

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Author: Julius Essoka

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