Ghanaian gospel group claims ‘Illuminati’ group promised to make them big stars if they agreed to turn gay

Ghanaian gospel music group, Trinity Cross, has revealed that a European occultic group offered to manage them to stardom, if only they agreed to all turn gay.

Trinity Cross appeared on Class Fm Easter Monday to tell the temptation filled story of their transition from making hip life music to gospel.

The group used to be known as ‘C-GAB’ or ‘Abujaboys’ during their hip life days, and composed the popular hit single ‘Mama’ (carry me go Abuja).

According to them, at the height of their fame, they decided to enter into gospel to serve God with their talents, but that was when the devil brought some juicy deals their way in the form of an occultic European group.

     Trinity Cross Ghanaian gospel music group

“When we were trying to make a decision that we have to go back to the church and serve God with our gift and that was when the devil was smart enough to come in with some deals,” the group revealed.

“Those deals were huge; someone will call it the devil’s apple. It was so good and nice but dangerous. They [the occult group in Europe] came and said, ‘Guys, your song is all over there in Europe, so let’s get close and help you make it big with your second coming.’

And the offer was if we would allow ourselves to become gays, that is, get into [homos*xuality].

They said, ‘We will bless you, help you, manage you, promote you, and make you big stars. “They said we had to sleep with guys to make money and that was our assignment, that was the deal.”

The gospel group said they turned down the offer and decided to do God’s work as they had planned.

They are now full fledged gospel artists with a juicy backstory which sounds a lot like bullcrap. Now known as ‘Trinity Cross’ – the group is made up of Nii Soul, G-Sign, Nii Miracle, and Nii Wonder.


Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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