Harmonize, Italian fiancée unfollow each other amid cheating claims

Popular Tanzanian musician Rajab Abdul Kahali, better known as Harmonize, and his Caucasian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti are no longer following each other on social media.
A crosscheck of their respective Instagram accounts shows that neither of them is following the other as cheating claims continue to escalate.

“She’s broken because she believed. He’s ok because he lied,” posted Sarah on her Instastory a while back raising even more eyebrows.

Word on the street is that the Uno crooner and his girlfriend have not been seeing eye to eye for the past couple of weeks with Harmonize being accused of cheating on Sarah with Tanzanian socialite Nicole Joyce Berry- a vixen he featured in his latest jam Bedroom.

In a previous Instagram post, Harmonize told Nicole that she was lucky he was married and for that reason opted to stay away from her to avoid unnecessary drama.

He, however, called out his videographer Jabulant for failing to hit on her during their shoot.
“Nilikwambia! I am Rastafarian hatulagi nyama! On top of Dat married men! Ndiomana! @jabulant_ Ndio kanitia aibu daaah 3 days chumba kimoja na kaambulia patupu,” wrote Harmonize.

In response, the curvaceous socialite aired her disappointment on how unbothered they were despite her effort to get their attention.

In the midst of the controversy, Nicole Joyce Berry put out a post reminding women that they can’t buy a man’s love.
“Number 1 you can’t buy a man’s Love, number 2: Be your man’s peace, otherwise he will go & find peace somewhere else!!!!! And ***ch please refer to “Proverbs 14:1”. I am still enjoying bedroom song lyrics in my bedroom,” read her post.

In 2019, speculations were rife that the two had parted ways.
The Atarudi hitmaker, however, clarified that all was well with their relationship and that he had even travelled to Italy to meet her.

The couple were said to have tied the knot in September last year. However, according to the musician’s manager Beauty Mmari alias Mjerumani, the wedding was a scripted music video; Harmonize only used his fiancée as a video vixen.

“Harmonize did not hold any wedding last Saturday he was shooting a music video for his new track called Marry Me. The concept behind it is similar to the one Diamond adopted, when he used his ex-lover, Zari, as a video vixen in the song called Iyena,” said Mjerumani.

Not after Harmonize affirmed that he was ready to be a father to which she gleefully responded saying, “soon!”

Julius Essoka

Author: Julius Essoka

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