If Hillary Clinton Loses…

If Hillary Clinton Loses

Blame her emails
Her careless emails
Government in private emails

Pensive Hillary Clinton
 Hillary Clinton

Sanders cheated? Clinton hailed?
Wikileaks claims DNC emailed
Plots that Clinton hailed
Sanders screamed, supporters wailed

Blame her emails
And her he-males
(Bill, Barack, Bernie, Podesta, Comey, Weiner, Assange, Stevens, Trump)
They may outweigh her on scales
And her shining star pales

Great Obamacare is her blackmail
Bill’s sexcum smears her trail
Trump says she pampers his wagging tail
Sanders’ populism makes her quail
Assange’s Wikileaks hacks email
FBI’s Comey probes burst her victory sail
Podesta and Weiner emails cast her veil
In Stevens’ Benghazi killing she was snail
Clinton 30 years make her stale
Crazy Trump drives the nail
Though first woman POTUS to hail

If Hillary fails
Blame her emails
Blame her he-males
Blame no females

© Franklin Sone Bayen, October 2016 (frankbayen@gmail.com)

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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