If Trump Wins…

Should Donald Trump win

See who’s US co-president? Putin

See who to be jailed? Clinton

Who to be deported? Muslim, Hispano-Latin

O! Asian, African not Trumpy whites’ kin

Who to be barred? Mohamed, Latifa, Ahmedin


Third world-style, Trump’s opponent to jail

Says Hillary betrayed America through email

State secrets in private email, America to derail

But tax evasion, women groping may trim his tail



Donald Trump, White House hopeful.

Should Trump become president

Trump-Putin entente without precedent

US-Russia become interdependent

Mighty US no longer independent


Like Reagan praised Perestroika and Glasnost

And lured Gorbachev till Soviet Union lost

Putin praises Trump Towers, grabs US at no cost

Trump laments US nuclear rust

Fears Russian nuclear robust


Nuclear codes under his finger nail?

Trump dumps bombs in a hail

His nuclear board a brail

World in turmoil, o! Sip from the Grail!

Allies abandoned can’t stay frail

Germany, Japan must balance the scale

Teheran, Pyongyang on nuclear trail

Berlin and Tokyo too must be hale


Latinos are criminals, build a wall

Lazy, sex crazy Africans, let them fall

Muslims hate us, ban them all

America alone to stand tall


Trump, White House barm?

Africa reclaims its farm

Jihadists come to harm

Europe honors no alarm

America alone with arm


If Trump into White House ram

World snubs Uncle Sam

Friends and foe will slam

Latinos break Trump dam

China grabs market, says I am

Russia great, Trump on pram

NATO no foes will jam

America becomes a sham


© Franklin Sone Bayen, November 2016 (frankbayen@gmail.com)










Author: Ange

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