International Acts Failed to Spark in Zimbabwe

By Munashe Chokodza

The presence of two Jamaican artists, Beenie Man and Demarco in one city on the same day  could have dissuaded any serious promoter from organizing a show as this was viewed as suicidal but after the events of the weekend, music enthusiasts have different viewpoint. They feel robbed and let down by international acts who failed to spark and were outsmarted by local artists as has become the norm.

Far from the international acts, man of the moment, Soul Jah Love lived to his billing with a thrilling show at the Exhibition Park. Revelers had a show to remember as the Pamamonya Ipapo hit-maker churned out hit after hit to the satisfaction of the audience made up of school going children.

The hype of having two popular Dancehall musicians in Harare created so much hype which the visiting artists could not satisfy.

Beenie Man and Demarco could not satisfy the entertainment starved Zimbabweans who filled all the four venues, Alex Park sports club, Long Cheng Plaza, Guard Alert and Harare Agricultural show where the various shows were being held.

A cross section of music fans at various shows said they were not impressed by foreign artists whom they believe were out competed by local artists.

“Elder I have paid ten dollars to watch Demarco perform here but I haven’t yet seen the difference, I stay in Warren Park and I have come to attend this show, I feel like I have been robbed my ‘ten dollars,” said Tawanda Chiware.

Another fan at the Demarco show blasted promoters for slotting Winky D before international acts whom he said has experience of performing before the local Zimbabwean audience


Author: Ange

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