Kenya: Elani Uses Actual Heartbeats in Latest Single

By Brian Moseti

Kenyan Music band Elani joined the rest of the world in celebrating the World Heart Day by releasing a new song which used actual heartbeats from cardiologists to create the beats for the song.

The song titled “My Heart Beats For You” starts off with a smooth intro followed by heartbeats before the powerful melodies of the three take over.

They performed the song outside the Kenya National archives where Phillips Africa and the Kenya Red Cross had gathered to sensitize Kenyans and create awareness on various heart related conditions in the country.

“We are very passionate about our hearts. Our hearts are our lives without them you cannot live, and that why we used heartbeats from cardiologists around the country to produce the beats for this song,” the band said.

They not only regaled those gathered with some of their songs but also joined them in cycling towards the cause.

Phillips provided 14 bikes, training and portable equipment that can restart the heart once it fails known as an Automated External Defibrialltor (AED).

“We have to take care of our hearts and our lifestyles, so it is very important to exercise and keep our hearts healthy,” they added.

September is usually the world Heart Month and the day is celebrated on September 29.

In Kenya today, non communicable diseases contribute to 30 percent of all diseases affecting the population and of these 12 percent are heart related.

Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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