Kuiyu Gets Buttery Smooth & Unveils New Sound “Afro-Cosmopolitan Soul” In New Single “Butter”

The Herd & Factory announces Kuiyu’s new Afro Cosmopolitan soul offering dubbed ‘Butter’ produced by House Of Dillie and Engineered by Jo Bissa Of the Amsterdam based record Label INI Movement.

Kiambu bred-Nairobi based fusion composer presents his latest creation in new single Butter.

The tracks’ architecture is an interesting, ear arousing assortment of sounds traditionally referred to as indeginous sandwiched in a careful arrangement of Urban elements.

This follows a brief hiatus after releasing his 2020 Live recording E.P ‘Bloom’ and ‘Jaherana’ Music Video. Butter opens up in smooth harmonic arrangements in the background announcing the beginning of what promises to be a sexy musical trip.

There is an abrupt pause in the intro that interjects  to introduce you into the airy essence in Kuiyu’s lead vocals. From this point onwards the butter gets to melting with whimsical falsetto highs and sensual lyricism.

Kuiyu’s wordplay is one to appreciate as he sings in rhyme and code, almost in a bid to slip you into disillusion if not attentive.

Poetry is best portrayed in the stern yet soft refrain ‘Butter Dontcha utter a word that will make it harder.’ other lyrical moments are engineered to exude vulnerability.

The music is lost in between RnB/Trap sequences and Afro-Soul dynamics making ‘Butter’ a milestone In East African Music Making.

At a time when the industry needs to explore and export familiar and relatable sounds to the globe, ‘Butter’ offers a reintroduction into the portrayal of the masculine and the feminine, the African and the foreign, the pop and the folk. As audiences evolve in the cosmopolitan environments, the music evolves too.

What started out as an alternative experiment is set to become a model and template for future folk, RnB and bilingual creatives.

Kuiyu’s art draws from multiple influences without leaning on one in particular. A wandering spirit, he exemplifies authentic expression is not afraid to venture outside the box in his audio and visual art creations.

His work resonates with a vulnerable essence, bold styling and edifying spirit. He hopes to delve deeper Exploring romanticism, identity and orientations, spirituality and the emancipation of the African mind in his upcoming sophomore album and virtual concert.

Kuiyu will be among artists showcasing at the 2021 ONGEA MUSIC SUMMIT with a 30 minute live performance of his unreleased material. His much anticipated sophomore album is due later in the year with teasers of upcoming music videos already in circulation.

Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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