COBRA コブラ 3インチ スリップオンマフラー [ブラック] (3-inch Slip-on Mufflers [Black]):ウェビック  - eacc7

COBRA コブラ 3インチ スリップオンマフラー [ブラック] (3-inch Slip-on Mufflers [Black])■商品番号



Deuce (EFI) - FXSTD 2007
Fat Boy (EFI) - FLSTF 2007 - 2017
Fat Boy Lo - FLSTFB 2010 - 2016

Great performance, price and sound are the hallmarks of these 3-inch mufflers. They come with 2-inch replaceable baffles, and CHROMEDbillet tips that can be located in three positions: slash cut, slash down and one in between.
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These 3-inch slip-on mufflers offer a way for riders to customize their bikes without breaking the bank. These mufflers offer more features and benefits at a better price than comparable products: For example, they include billet aluminum tips, at no additional cost. And the tips can be mounted in one of three positions so the rider can choose either a slash-down look, a slash-cut look, or one in between.
Two-inch baffles come standard, with optional baffles available. They use a constant velocity baffle design for improved performance, and the baffle also uses a high-density bonded e-class sleeve and stainless steel mesh, which contributes to a better acoustic quality.
Though the baffles work to reduce the tone and volume, they also contribute to the power gains from the mufflers, which are among the highest in the industry. And on models that use a cross-over on the stock system, the Cobra Slip-ons include a similar OEM-style balance tube to increase overall performance. They fit the stock head pipes on all models as well as the new Cobra PowerPort Duals and the Cobra True Dual head pipes for Baggers.

バッフルはトーンと音量を下げる働きをしますが、業界最高レベルのマフラーのパワーゲインにも寄与します。ストックシステムでクロスオーバーを使用するモデルでは、Cobra Slip-onsには同様のOEMスタイルのバランスチューブが含まれており、全体のパフォーマンスが向上します。すべてのモデルにストックヘッドパイプと、新しいCobra PowerPort Dualsと、Baggers用のCobra True Dualヘッドパイプに適合しました。

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