Mayzay & The Black Family releases festive events calendar

Clear your calendars! The Mayzay & The Black Family has published a detailed calendar of their planned performances and events to mark end of the year.

According to a statement the group sent to Continental Radio Station, the events and public performances include the 1st Edition Festival Association Essafa and “La Sqala Tringa Club 2nd Edition”

The Mayzay & The Black Family is an African Reggae group that originated from Morocco in late 2013 with a mixed cultural and traditional background involving different nationalities.

The group is made up of six band members of Nigerian, Togolese, Ivorian and Congolese origin involving in the art of Music – composing songs and using different accompaniments to bring about most audacious Reggae tunes.

Observers say fate brought the Band together when they took the path of their destiny. Each and every member of the group pledged allegiance to put up their best to perform notwithstanding the predicament, struggle and rejection in the society.

In a press release, the reggae kings say “getting to the limelight hasn’t been easy in any country and more difficult when you aren’t an indigene yet doing music, along with good vibes in every performance, has been the watchword they build work”.

The group was founded by the Band leader, song writer and singer Nwaelim Peter Chimezie known as MayZay from Anambra State, Nigeria with the support of the group Bass player Emmanuel Essi Mawuli from Lome, Togo after which the other band members came along with their various talents moving the group to success.

The choice of music the band performs is a traditional REGGAE style based on their various ethnic backgrounds and views, thereby reaching wider audiences with the only way their voices could be heard, through spirituality and traditional Reggae style that entails news, political issues, story-telling and revelations to the people as it has been from the time Reggae was founded in Jamaica in the 1960s.

The band, MayZay & The Black Family, has already produced four songs and they’re titled Fake Faze, Observation, The Truth and Crazy World.

“Talking about the present condition of our environment usually termed as mother earth, we preach positive change in the society and we are presently working on our first album with ten tracks to be released in 2018.

The diverse talents of the Band members inspire others outside and within the continent of Africa. This has provided the people motivation to go into creating music from the Reggae genre – the root. The goal of the band is to enrich lives with Reggae music hoping the society will improve in their daily lives


. 1st Edition Festival Association Essafa

 . La Sqala Tringa Club 2nd Edition

. Reggaeton Night Casablanca – organized by Mayzay & The Black Family

. Festival International Casa Chabab de Culture Africaines

. Africa Summer Concert – organized by Mayzay & The Black Family.

Manager’s Telephone:  +212-669-686 -235
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