Meet Minister Etta: Raising the banner of Cameroon worship music

There might by hundreds of preachers in Cameroon but none of them has embraced music as a career like Minister Etta – an ambitious and talented artiste.

The talented and young Cameroonian preacher has just released the visuals of his song titled  Kem Awoh (Hold my hands)  which is currently making the rounds. In the track, Minister Etta sings in English, his local language and Pidgin English.

On his social media platform, Minister Etta says he was “called to raise the banner of Cameroonian based worship. .. Celebrate Jesus through the words of praise in my mouth and raise worshipers”.

The song  resonates with the current crisis facing the two English speaking regions in Cameroon. “God chose me and gave me this vision in times like this when a revolution is needed in our nation.. my strategy is to organize as many concerts as possible in all the regions of Cameroon and reach out to people playing the new songs and singing in the languages that they are familiar with” Minister Etta says.

The promising artiste’s YouTube channel, which already has close to 5,000 views, is awash with positive comments and words of encouragement from fans and music lovers.

Minister Etta is also available for concerts, crusades and any avenue wherever he is called upon.

Some Comments on Minister Etta’s Youtbe Channel 

Who else is watching for the 6th time??😂😂😂😂😂😂. I feel like subscribing to this chanel again and again
Thoko Nkomo
More grace sir.. Power Powerful, uplifting song.
agbor rita
Wow.  Am proud of you manor. More grace
Prosper Germoh
Wow!. Great work my brother. More grace.I love that.
Fon Goddy
Hmmmmmm it touches me right deep inside. I pray God continues inspiring you.
epair lylian
I love this song so much, you are bless man of God.
Zamani Lionheart

mehn this is one good gosple music. is high time we start supporting and promoting our own. mbro love this to the bones. thanks.

Kem awoh is not a music its too too sweet to be called  music. Angels dem go sue u for performing better them.

Minister Etta’s social media platforms:
Facebook: Minister Etta
Twitter: Minister Etta
Instagram: Minister Etta
Youtube Channel Minister Etta

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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