Meet multi-talented Cameroonian lady with golden spoon

She describes herself as a lady with ‘the looks of a lamb but the heart of a lion… I could be unbelievably funny, surprisingly strict and acceptably spiritual’’

New core pix
Meshi’s Precious Core that brings African cuisine right to your table

This is the portrait of Cameroonian born Precious Meshi, who has successfully curved out a precious niche writing on how to go about cooking various African dishes on her blog.

Titled Precious Core, Meshi, who studied at the Nsukka university in Nigeria, highlights detailed recipes and ingredients for various traditional dishes from Cameroon and beyond.

‘‘This blog is the central part of me, that’s why I call it, “Precious Core”, Meshi writes on her bolg.

‘‘In it, I take you into teeny tiny worlds that come together to form a great person.’’

Egg Cake
Egg Cake:  ‘I set out searching for answers and was able to get ideas that led me to make this egg cake. It is incredibly delicious!

‘‘When you come in here, come again. Good things will be happening… We’ll deal with matters of the heart, soul and body.

‘‘I love to tell stories and write so this is a way of saving my experiences and musings rather than let them die within’’ notes Meshi, married with two children.

Perhaps the greatest portion of the blog is devoted to what Minnesota-based Meshi calls ‘Precious kitchen’.

Scotch eggs
Scottish Egg. Meshi says, this can be made using meat or flour

Here, assorted recipes and ingredients ranging from how to make, Okro soup recipe, jollof rice, Roast plantain, homemade shortbread cookies, just to name these few, are explained in greater details.

Many Cameroonians, especially those living in the diasporas have found the blog useful as it carries essential tips on the African cuisines which remain largely traditional.

Sumptuous looking Achu and yellow soup, a delicacy in the West and North western regions of Cameroon

African dishes, especially those south of the Sahara, are woefully still under-represented on the world culinary scene.

‘‘Since I stumbled on Precious Core a couple of months ago, I always check it out each time I think of pleasing my husband with a real African meal’’ said Suh Joan, a British citizen married to a Cameroonian husband.

‘‘I have taken my husband by surprise by cooking some Cameroonian dishes he never knew I could have a go.’’ Suh told CRS reporter.

Okra Soup and Garri, a. delicious gooey Okra soup made with Egusi.
Delectable Okra Soup and Garri, a gooey Garri  and Okra soup made with Egusi. Egusi are fat and protein rich seeds of melon or squash plants.

‘‘After watching Precious Core’s video on the making of Achu, I tried preparing it, though it wasn’t exactly the same as another Cameroonian housewife would have cooked it.’’

‘‘I did however, get commendation from my husband who has a huge appetite for his Cameroonian foods than the British food I’m expert at’’ said Suh, 37.

That’s not where Precious Core ends. The blog also diligently explores familial themes like Love and Marriage, Parenting, Singlehood, Faith and Shop.

Julius Essoka

Author: Julius Essoka

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