Meet Patrick Peck, multi-instrumentalist French born Cameroonian artiste

His latest song, “I love you” featuring Adriana, is just one in a series of soul-searching songs that Patrick Peck has so far released. But who is this prolific singer? Read on!

Patrick Peck is a songwriter, performer and arranger, fan of Caribbean and African music, especially zouk. Originally from Martinique and Cameroon, born in France, he grew up in the diversity of two cultures and discovered his vocation for music at 15 years old.

Patrick is a multi-instrumentalist but first he is a guitarist, also a sound technician, he devotes himself to the production, realization and composition of music since he created his own studio, well known and solicited by several musicians and artists.

In 1996, he started his career the year he released his first opus titled Karess, an album of 10 titles where he interprets the track Di wen accompanied by Joel Tennob, Patricia Peck and Roberto Colleta. Other guest stars in this album include Phil Control, Guy N’sanguw Herman Fleret.

In 1998, he composed and produced Pulsion, an album of eight songs where he performed titles such as Pa lessé cow allée, Decision in us and Virée, featuring Eduardo VERRISSIMO.

In 2000, Peck released the album Double Facewith the collaboration of CHARLYVARI Charles Bassinet ex-singer of the group De la Voix, Patrick performs Reste avec moi, Good bye , Donne moi ta main and System love featuring CHARLYVARI.

A year later, Patrick produced the album “Zouk Lover V1” and performed the title ‘aimer , Sans toi. That same year, he participated in the production of artists like Mika Mendes (Mikael Mendes) and composed titles for him like Sonho feli, “flan (Djedje feat. Zico & Mika) and again Tempo with the precious participation of the Guitarist Boy Ge Mendes.

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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