Africa: Who Is to Blame If Trump Triumphs in U.S. Elections?

There is a lot of talk about this year’s US General Election. Even more debate goes on in the public sphere, including the social media asking this critical question; who is to blame if the Republican Presidential candidate wins the election? But many folks in the US know exactly what it takes to win the election.

It is all about everyone taking responsibility to cast his or her vote. Recently in one of the coffee shops in the city, there was a serious discussion among Tanzanians over the way the Electoral College works.

There were many among the coffee sippers who did not understand what the Electoral College is. Some think that the Electoral College is a sweatshirt, or a logo or even others believe that it is a mascot.

Even those who are considered to be highly knowledgeable can be knocked out on this Electoral College process subject as it is still a mystery not only to non-Americans but even to most Americans.

Some scholars in the US and political analysts believe that for most Americans, even those who study it, the process is still a mystery. Christina Greer, who is associate professor of political science at Fordham University, expresses similar thoughts.

But, how many people go to vote on the Election Day? This is a weakness not only in African countries or third world countries where people are fond of booing their candidates but rarely show up on the Election Day.

It is the same phenomenon which puts a Republican or Democrat or Independent candidate at the risk of losing an election, just because that candidate lost a popular vote. Electoral College experts say that the College works like Congress.

The US is divided into 435 congressional districts, each having about 710,000 people and each district elects one person to the House of Representatives. It is again that every state elects two senators.

Thus, Electoral College votes are allocated the same way. Now certain social or electronic media are misleading people, who are fond of the US Presidential race, by showing that the race is neck and neck.

It is through manipulation of data, which is not based on the right premises. For instance there are some Tanzanians who think that Donald Trump has a solution to African problems.

Unfortunately since they just rely on Fox News to give them information regarding the Republican candidate, they are brainwashed to believe that what Mr. Trump is telling the African Americans that what do they stand to lose if this time they vote for him is for a fact. It is a sad moment to see people being misled from the truth. Even further such people are even radicalized to compare Trump to be the messiah.

The Fox news will of course post positive image of their candidate. Is that enough to be true? Let’s turn now to the nitty-gritty of my question that who is to blame if Trump triumphs in the coming US elections.

The hypothesis would be two things. One is failure for those who support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to show up on Election Day and cast their votes. Another premise is based on those who are opinion leaders, educationists, communicators and even individual who were not responsible to use the word of mouth, social media and other forums to tell their families, friends, followers, peers or constituencies what is at stake if Americans don’t vote. Some social media groups are doing a good job to sensitize folks to donate and make sure that they should vote.

It is what I define as cut-throat competition election in the US where everyone has to be reached upon and educated what his or her vote means. When recently talking to some friends at one of the city’s coffee shops it appears that voters’ education is not only lacking in the low-income countries but also even in the United States.

It is why some political analysts think that both the social and traditional media has a greater role to play in the process of getting the right president to lead the US.

Therefore for those who think that it is all bed of roses in the forthcoming election, it is important to filter the information, which is projected by the neoconservatives in the Republican Party.

The crux of the matter is not about the strength of the candidate.

Even when the first US Presidential Debate has shown the world that Hillary has the presidential temperament and her opponent Trump was incoherent, it is not enough to make the former win or the latter lose.

Therefore the magic bullet, which President Obama has offered to the American public, is not to boo for Hillary but go and vote. In a presidential election, every party picks its own group of electors.

The candidates who gets the most popular votes in a state on Election Day “Wins” all the electors for that state.

Though there are exceptions in Maine and Nebraska, where electors are doled out differently, that will be a subject to discuss some other time. In the US Presidential Election the winner wins with a clear majority, because 48 states use the “winner take all” method.

Thomas Neale, elections expert at the Library of Congress says that the Electoral College has a more than 90 per cent success rate. He means that electors have chosen the candidate who won the popular vote more than nine out of 10 times.

Therefore, there is no other magic bullet that can save US and the world from getting a rogue leader except by electorate getting to know what is at stake if they don’t show up on the Election Day and cast their vote to the right candidate.

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The Continental Radio Station (CRS) is an online radio station run by African media savvies targeting the African and world audience.