Lucky Dube anniversary: 12 Surprising Facts About late Reggae Star

Africans and the music world  have paid tribute to the late reggae music icon, Lucky Philip Dube, on the 9th anniversary of his tragic death.

The legendary musician was killed during an attempted carjacking in 2007 in South Africa.

Lucky Dube
Lucky Dube

Here are some interesting facts about the reggae star.

  1. His mother named him Lucky because his older brother died at 6 months
  2. As a child, Dube worked as a gardener
  3. There were claims that his father was Zimbabwean
  4. He said he was mistaken for a beggar while shooting a music video
  5. His first songs were in Afrikaans and Zulu
  6. Refused to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol or use any other drug in order to be a good example
  7. He appeared in several movies including Voice in the Dark, Getting Lucky and Lucky Strikes Back
  8. He sang traditional music called Mbaqanga, before switching to reggae in 1984
  9. He has 7 children
  10. He loved horses, and owned a few
  11. Signed to famous American music label Motown
  12. “The government can remove these oppressive laws. It can be scratched in the books of South Africa, but it cannot be scratched in the people’s minds. Apartheid lives with the people … ” – Lucky Dube in 1992.

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