Nigeria: Why People Think I’m Arrogant – Davido

Contrary to popular opinion that pop star, Davido is one of the most arrogant music stars in Nigeria, the HKN Gang henchman has come out to set the record straight, declaring that he’s not as arrogant as many people often perceive him to be.

Since his rise to stardom after the release of his debut single, Dami Duro in 2011, he has been slammed with series of criticisms from all quarters about his personality.

But in a recent chat with Showtime, the ‘Aye’ crooner said, “I am a very free person but if you like say, I’m arrogant, I know I’m not arrogant.”

According to Davido, he’s a very friendly, receptive and humble person. He emphasized that no matter what the public thinks of him, he insists he is not an arrogant person.

“I can bet you now, go to anybody or any street and ask them who is most normal or who is so free they will tell you it’s me.

I’m not from the hood! It’s not about giving out money but it’s just me being free as an individual.

David said, he believes the reason people harbour such negative perception about him is because they would go crazy if they possess the kind of wealth and affluence he has.

“I feel that sometimes people just think I’m that way because if they have what I have they will go crazy, so I think that’s just the problem”, he boasted.

Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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