Nigerian born Soul-Pop artiste ‘OGOO’ debuts new single “I’ll Be There”

Barely a year after releasing You are Mine and Onye Isi Oma, Nigerian Soul Pop singer Ogoo has done it again. This time is the song is titled I’ll be there , a positive song of hope, encouragement and love, written for people who are currently battling depression and generally going through a hard time in life. The song is produced by Doron Clinton.

In this new song, gorgeous looking Ogoo tells a story of four different individuals going through the challenges everyone can relate to ranging from heartbreak, self-doubt, depression and ultimately suicide.

Ogoo urges them not to give up but to speak up and also know they are not alone in their struggles. In addressing these issues, she hopes this song will be a source of comfort to all who listens. She again hopes to start a conversation and or campaign where people would feel free to discuss these social maladies and proffer possible solutions as a community at large.

Tyrone Robinson

Author: Tyrone Robinson

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