Nigerian Singers Davido, Wizkid Battle for Supremacy – Again!

Nigeria’s two leading artistes, Wizkid and Davido have locked horns in a supremacy battle to prove who is better in the music industry. The battle which was fought and may still be continued in the ring of social media sees the two musical gurus take swipes at each other, sparking comments from their fans.

It all began with the “If” artiste, Davido, throwing the first verbal punch shortly after the release of Wizkid’s single, “Sounds from the other side,” when he took to his Snapchat to say, “Nah ‘pon pon’ sounds dey reign now oooo! No Jonze, all other sounds na the least for now. Lmao!”

But the “Holla at Your Boy” artiste is not one to keep mum when attacked, especially when it comes to the field he has carved a large niche for himself. And he replied Davido proportionately when he tweeted, “catch up or stay local.” Although he later deleted some part of the tweet, but it had read, “The game is only for the real! Catch up or stay local! Don’t blame anybody for ur failures! Pray and work hard kids!”

He equally tweeted, “U can’t hate on someone doing better than u in what u failed at! Learn and appreciate! Free ur mind from hate young kids. And remember kids! Drink more water!!”

Fame-driven animosity between two of the most sensational artistes in Nigeria, Davido (left) and Wizkid, has no end in site yet

This response triggered the comparison debate between the two big guys. There were comments, though, by peacemakers calling for ceasefire and saying the controversy was needless.

Below are some of the tweets from fans:

This sounds like a secondary school debate topic.

— seba jun (@ChudiOranu) 14 June 2017

E say Davido and Wizkid wan turn Messi and Ronaldo. Lmfaooo bruhhh

I blame we Nigerians that prefer nonsense sounds over Nice lyrics. If not wetin concern Davido and wizzy with better songs..

— Miz Aaijay (@aaijay51) 17 June 2017

Davido and Wizkid have both had an amazing 2017 so far. Hit after Hit after Hit. Omo this their ‘competition’ is healthy for the culture.

— ???? DaddyMOSneh ???? ™ (@officialdaddymo) 17 June 2017

Wizkid and Davido lately be giving us thrash lyrics, we just dy endure cus Wande Coal we trust choose food over us.

lol which hit after hit has wizkid had this year??????

Come closer is no where close to if or fall. .

       — Blackgeh???? (@mary3dex) 17 June 2017

Lol… which USA? Right now, Davido owns Naija airplay… Even Runtown is making better hits than Wiz at the moment..He should return home

— Sidney (@sidramatic1) 17 June 2017

Urmm why is Davido subbing Wizkid??. Doesn’t he know levels pass levels ???

— Mandy (@AmandaIbadin) 17 June 2017

Wizkid has been on top of this game for years, nothing like time. Hard work does the magic.


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The Continental Radio Station (CRS) is an online radio station run by African media savvies targeting the African and world audience.

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