The phenomenal rise of folk hero Stanley Enow

While fans and music lovers are eagerly awaiting the release of his latest track featuring Nigerian star Davido, Continental Radio Station traces the rise of music folk hero, Stanley Enow in this avant-gout interview.

Since bursting onto the music scene in 2013 with his massive hit single “Hein pere”,  Stanley Enow, aka Bayangi boy’s rise in the Cameroon music scene has been, to say the least, phenomenal.

He has won more than ten national and international music awards including beating four other acts, like Nigerian Burna boy, to win the converted MTV music video award in South Africa.

Stanley Enow plays an inimitable blend of afro pop and has a large following in and out of Cameroon and beyond.

So what makes his music different? Who are some of Stanley Enow;s musical heroes?

These are some of the questions CRS reporter and music journalist Francis Ngwa Niba asked rapper Stanley Enow during a 15 minute special jam session.

Author: Francis Ngwa