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It is not rock science to see that the African Continent has fallen short of expectations that underscored the clamour of independence from the colonial masters.

Across Africa, there is civil strife, economic stagnation, hunger and starvation, massive election fraud, politically motivated assassinations, intolerance presidents clinging unto power and the list is long.

The million dollar question is has African failed themselves or is someone somewhere pulling the destructive button?

Come to think of it, a clique of megalomaniacs and self-seeking individuals who pass for presidents a good chunk of African countries and the population hostages.

The Mugabes of Zimbabwe, the Biyas of Cameroon, the born again Museveni of Uganda, just to name these few show the rest of the world that the African continent is a jungle of disorder and political manoeuvring.

Amid this grim and gloomy picture, there are however some rays of hope. Nowadays the trend of Africans choosing to live and work out of their motherland is growing in lips and bounds.

While some refer to this tendency as a brain drain that depletes the continent of the much needed intelligentsia, who could spearhead development, others are optimistic that Africans in the Diasporas are part and parcel of the development process in the continent.

Some of the African Diasporas left for political reasons, others could not resist the lure of better living conditions that beckon elsewhere.

Listen now to an illustrious African son chatting the way forward.

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