Prince Nico Mbarga, King of High-life music revisited.

Prince Nico Mbarga, King of Highlife music revisited.

Twenty three years ago, the man who recorded one of the most successful songs of all time, Sweet Mother, was thrown off a motorbike by a car in Calabar, Nigeria.

He hit his head on the road and was rushed to the hospital, where he lay for two weeks, in and out of consciousness. On June 24, 1997, Prince Nico Mbarga was pronounced dead.

Prince Nico set up the found the  Rocafil Jazz made up of himself as the vocalist and lead guitarist, Jean Chachua (Rhythm guitar), Morris (Bass guitar), Ashagasha (Drums), Tommisco Kumm (Vocals), Pirol (Vocals),Franco Okolo (Congas).

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Author: Norbert Ndifor

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