Profile: Nigeria’s Casey Ed, hit the market with #Soundandcolours

Armed with a penetrating voice reminiscent of the late pop king Michael Jackson, a young and talented Nigeria singer, Casey Ed has released his first and new album titled Soundandcolours that is currently making the rounds around the music world.

Casey Ed, budding Nigerian singer has just released his first album Soundandcolours

Casey Oritsejolomi Edema, commonly known by his artistic name as Casey ED is from the Itsekiri speaking tribe of Delta state in Nigeria.

Born and raised in the northern part of Nigeria Kaduna state, he always had a keen appreciation for general arts, creativity and its vice. Among other things, Casey Ed’s penchant for music right from his teenage years puts him on the path of greatness.

When Casey Ed joined a church choir in 1999, he quickly found expression for his inner yearnings for music and began harnessing his skills through the choir platform. His earliest music influences were the likes of the late legendary Michael Jackson, Billy Oceans, Jim Reeves, Temptations and Stevie Wonder.

In the choir, the aspiring artist first functioned as a soprano singer then became lead tenor singer and finally a praise team member. His longstanding desire to sing and be heard triggered him to compose special songs that he sang during services and at other avenues he could get. Eventually he became the vocal arranger for a choir and music director.

Casey’s hard work subsequently paid dividends when he was contracted to co-direct then ‘‘Winners church choir” first debut album project in Asaba Delta Nigeria, followed by several other individual projects.

Ed then went on to compete in his university’s competition, the DOME RECORDS/RAINBOW NET competition for the nine eastern universities in the east of Nigeria. According to Casey he was unable to win any prize due ‘‘malpractices in the process’’.

That however did not dent his ambitions as in 2010, he won the Mnet/Glo Naija singing competition season 2, then proceeded to create a unique sound signature unique to him and released singles like #Oritsejolomi in the fall of 2013.

                  Casey Ed

As a devout Christian, Casey never severed his ties with GOD nor his faith as a Christian, hence he released the single #ComeAndSee in 2014. This was closely followed by the release of “CASEY ED EP’ .

Amongst his list of endeavours Casey ED has also worked with the gospel renowned artist SINACH in the capacity of Team/Band Leader and vocal arranger/instructor. He has also featured on yet to be released album titled ‘WAYMAKER’.

Casey Ed’s newly released first debut album titled #SOUNDSAND COLOURS is a blend of intelligence and creativity as it is a combination of spoken words and multi genre compilation. The contents of the album range from conscious to spirituality and also feature the likes of SINACH and other talents. Though Casey Ed is a born and bred African, the new songs encompass a unique sound and versatility in his expressions that resonate beyond the continent.

“I am quite unconventional in my perception and approach towards arts ,music, life in general and so most times I may come across a non conformist or misfit” Casey told CRS Africa. He added that “all I ever seek is to share whatever gift, ability or talent with everyone irrespective or the rules, boundaries, tags and structures”.

Casey Ed is currently not signed to any record label but is open to positive possibilities.

To see Casey Ed’s live performances and other engagements, follow him on social media:


Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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