Rising songstress Afro Miziiki releases ‘Female Genital Mutilation’

Female Genital Mutilation is one of the eight sultry and stimulating lyrics. Production work was done by Don Charles and his team. Afro Miziiki also has the solid backing required to establish a well received album.

Her real name is Mary Leonard Locosi, but she is known by fans and music lovers as Afro Miziiki. The beauty queen from the East African nation called Tanzania now has an eight invigorating tracks in the market, among them three explicit songs: Feeling Horn, Women Love Sex and Female Genital Mutilation.

Taking influence from the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, Afro Miziiki delivers an array of composite and invigorating tracks on her newest EP.

Rising Tanzanian songstress, Afro Miziiki

After graduating in 2009, Dar Es Salaam resident and Afro Fusion vocalist Afro Miziiki decided to pursue a career in music. This decision was accompanied with success as shortly after, Miziiki both participated in a well established Bongo Star performance Award. In the coming years, Miziiki attained a position as a lead vocalist for a Tanzanian band before signing a contract that brought Afro Miziiki to Europe.

Inspired by her love for a vast array of world music and driven by a want to address some of life’s more universally elusive questions Female Genital Mutilation focuses on a narrative of love. Filled with sultry vocal lines, stimulating lyrics and the superlative production work of Don Charles and his team, Afro Miziiki has the solid backing required to establish a well received album.

Afro Miziiki is signed to UK based independent label Sustainable records. Afro Miziiki debut EP FGM is available across online platforms.

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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