Samuel Eto’o leads African celebrities as they chip in for DJ Arafat’s funeral August 30th

Samuel Eto’o,  who is considered one of the greatest African footballers of all time, has coughed out a whopping 42,000,000 CFA (70,947 USD); 58,354 GBP for the funeral of DJ Arafat who passed away  last week in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast following motorcycle accident.

According to sources close to DJ Arafat, his funeral has been planned for August 30th and 31st in his hometown.

Samuel Eto’o , former African player of the year, who played for Barcelona, Inter Milan among others, is so far the highest donor closely followed by Nigerian popular singer, Davido who has also contributed 30,000,000 CFA frs (50,676.00 USD).

Dj Arafat was infatuated with motorcycles and his last song is titled ‘moto moto’

Below is the provisional list of African A-listers who have so far donated cash for Dj Arafat funeral.

  1. ETO SAMUEL. 42 000 000 fcfa
  2. 30 000 000 fcfa
  3. Fally Ipupa. 20 000 000 fcfa
  4. Drogba Didier 30 000 fcfa
  5. Adebayor 30 000 fcfa
  6. 15 000 000 fcfa
  7. Alpha Blondy 13 000 fcfa
  8. Aubameyamb 10 000 fcfa
  9. Martin 10.000 000 fcfa
  10. Sidiki Diaba. 7 000 000 fcfa
  11. Toofan 500 000 fcfa
  12. Serge Beynaud 25.000 fcfa
  13. Koffi Olomide. 20.000 fcfa
  14. Molare 20.000 fcfa
  15. Debordeau Likunfa15 000 fcfa
  16. Nyangono of the south 10.000 fcfa
  17. long long 5.000 fcfa

Other major companies in the Ivory Coast such as MTN, Orange and Solibra have also pledged 50 million each.

The untimely death earlier this week of DJ Arafat, dubbed the King of Coupé Décalé left fans stunned as they come to terms with the loss of a charismatic, ground-breaking artist who brought Ivorian dance music to the global stage.

DJ Arafat

The 33-year old, born Ange Didier Huon, burst onto the musical scene as a DJ in Yopougon, one of Abidjan’s best known nightlife districts. He came from a musical family—his mother was a well-known singer and his father a prominent sound engineer. One of his first hits, Hômmage a Jonathan, was a tribute a friend he lost to a motorcycle accident. This is why, among many reasons, it was particularly tragic Arafat also lost his life a few hours after his own motorcycle collided with a car on Aug. 12.

Meanwhile, Continental Radio Station broadcast live from Ivory Coast during Arafat’s funeral starting August 30th.

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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