Social media reactions to humiliation of English Speaking lawyers by Cameroonian police

More graphic images continue to emerge on the social of police heavy-handed repression of striking English speaking lawyers in Cameroon.

Like the English speaking teachers in Cameroon, over 1000 lawyers in the English-speaking parts of the country are on strike protesting against the widespread use and dominance of French in courts in spite of the bilingual nature of Cameroon.

Jessica Agbo Nju (left) has been singled out for scathing attack on the social media. Like the English speaking striking lawyers and teachers, Jessica hails from the English speaking region in Cameroon
Jessica Agbo Nju (left) has been singled out for scathing attack on the social media. Like the English speaking striking lawyers and teachers, Jessica also hails from the English speaking region in Cameroon(Photo credit: Angie Forbin)

A video making the rounds has now emerged showing lawyers being pulled out of a court manu-militari, pushed and dragged by armed police in a Cameroonian town of Muea.

Pictures that shame human rights in Cameroon. A protesting  lawyer was dragged out of court, roughed up and carted away by armed police officers in the Cameroonian town of Muea.

The lawyers were sitting in their court when the officers, armed to the teeth stormed the court.

Among the police officers whose high-handed approach was captured on camera is one Anglophone female police officer who hails from the south west region.

In the video, the female police Jessica Agbo Nju, could be heard raining insults at a lawyer who was later roughed up. Her overzealous reaction is even more appalling given that the English speaking lawyers and teachers are fighting against the marginalization of Anglophones she too is a victim.

There has been an avalanche of angry reactions to the female police actions. Angie Forbin posted these lines on her Facebook wall:


Jessica the ring leader!
Jessica the lady who is addicted to topgel and movate!
Jessica the lady who strips her skin of its melanin with the help of lalaclaire & rapid claire!
Oh ! Jessica AGBO NJU ! Which is how your parents called you!!
What came over you?!!
What did you drink or smoke?! Oh Jessica !!
That concoction must have been a very strong one for you to go flogging noble men who can teach you .
For you to go encouraging the likes of you to beat and pound men who can school you… Literally!!
Bringing a finely clad and respectful and respectable lawyer, to his knees .. Knees that gave way to the pressure of your ranger boots and punches.
A noble lawyer roughed , and flogged for trying to make valuable ‘revandications’ … Peacefully , by you !
Jessica AGBOY NJU! What a disgrace!! what a shame!!
The laws ( if they exist at all) of the land may never punish you.
But the Movate, topgel, lala Claire and other bleaching creams you are addicted to, will surely waste and rubbish you.

Continental radio station has also put together the following reactions from concerned Cameroonians on the social media:

Henry Echalle Kome: So this wowoh woman e name na Jessica or say First name Jessica, middle name Topgel and Las name Movate

Tebitt Henry: Even when one decides to adopt a moderate position, it is practically impossible not to express distaste and hatred for these people. What hurts me most is the support that some Cameroonians even give them through comments on social media.

Ndifor Ferdinand: Fatou Bensouda of the international criminal court should make haste.

Luizo Mangong: “Wuna komot for wa commissariat ” were her words when I watched the video … “Half Education is more dangerous than No education ” #Shameful

Doris Wanmban: Abuse of power! She is a woman and probably a mother who treats another’s child like “this.” She’s supposed to be the one to calm things down. What a shame! May God give our brothers and sisters the strength to fight this cause and most importantly keep’em safe.

Ngwa Christopher: A monster who went to police academy through Bottom Power. A brainwashed idiot

Gloree La Rose:  Oh. Cameroon! That’s somebody who is well educated and has spent almost all his life studying. See how he is humiliated by some stupid illiterate police men simply because he is fighting for what is right.

Emmanuel Nganje Jackai: Well she and her group did not beat and shoot a blackman like in other developed countries….!!!

Anrette Ngafor: It’s just shameful to see that a lot of people have truly lost their sense of pride and have no idea what being a law enforcement officer stands for.

Meanwhile, a peaceful demonstration by students of the University of Buea, south West Cameroon has turned violent with police invasion of the Campus. Pictures have emerged on social media showing students drenched in blood, torn clothes and some being tortured by uniformed police.

State sponsored thuggery:  Students lying in mud and other carrying injuries with blood oozing out from police brutality.
State sponsored thuggery: Students lying in mud and other carrying injuries with blood oozing out from police brutality in Buea, Cameroon following a peaceful protest that turned violent.

Media report say the students were protesting against excessive charges they have to pay for various academic activities in the campus. According to BBC reporter on the ground, truckloads of students have been arrested and taken to the coastal city of Limbe, a few kilometers from the University.

So far, there school authorities have not made any statement regarding the students strike action nor the presence of the military in the campus.

The strike by Buea university students is a just new phase of a series of protests that was started by English speaking Lawyers and teachers from the two Anglophone regions in Cameroon. Lawyers and teacher unionists say the indefinite strike action was meant to air their grievances for the marginalization of the English language in Cameroon which is a bilingual country.

Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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