Social media reactions to Koffi Olomide’s release as singer is out on bail

‘‘Thank you is too simple a word…what I would like to express is above that. I am both humbled and grateful for the unwavering support you have given me; I can never thank you enough’’

These are the wordings of a statement the Congolese rumba star, Koffi Olomide, posted on his facebook page as the saga around him entered yet another phase with his release from prison.

Koffi Olomide and wife , Aliane  at home after the singer’s defence secured his bail from the Makala prison where he was initialled sentenced for 18 months following charges of assault and battery committee on one his dancers while on tour in Kenya.

While some music lovers and human right campaigners were expecting a grooving apology from the popular singer, this is all they got from him in a statement which concluded in French:
”Chers fans rassurez-vous Je vais bien… Merci #Agbada  which can be translated into English as ‘my dear fans, rest assured, I’m ok’

In the space of a fortnight, Koffi Olminde has been engulfed in a movie-style fast unfolding drama.

His arrest and eventual deportation in Kenya, after footage showed him kicking is dancer, was followed by another arrest and incarceration after a summarily convened court session in Kinshasa charged last Tuesday of assault and battery.

A couple of days later the star was out on bail after authorities from the prosecutor’s office in Kinshasa confirmed Olomide’s release from the Makala jail, adding that the criminal case would not be dropped.

“The defence has shown that the singer has a known residence, is a famous music star and his principal interests are here in Democratic Republic Congo.” A statement from the prosecutor’s office noted.

Following his bail from prison , fans of the Congolese star  and music lovers have taken to social media to express their opinions about the fast unfolding drama surrounding the mega star.

One music lover, Katheen Ndongmo tweeted that she changed her TV channel when one of Koffi ‘s song was being played.

Lysis Rivendell wrote on facebook: ‘‘Welcome back home. Though you were incarcerated disproportionately in my opinion, I think it serves you right and you must have learned a lesson. Do not hit a woman, even if it works for you. You are not untouchable’’

Nina Lumière La Béninoise  said on his wall: ‘This man should be ashamed of his himself…let’s be humble enough for non is perfect except God the creator;we are all sinners, it is disgusting to hear Zechariah[Koffi Olomide] has the feeling of revenge in his heart .Amen’  said

Another fan called Jose Motembo wrote :  ‘I could never have imagined such a terrible gesture happening to a man [Koffi] who adores women in his songs… To err is human, let’s forgive’

A social media user known simply as Kennie even went an extra mile to draw a parallel between Olomide’s acts and a famous quote by The Dalai lama.

Darrel Trésor Tshibangu wrote ‘I hope you have learned a lesson from this bitter experience; we do not hate you, but we just wanted to re-educate you as much as we can….you are not untouchable and must think before you ‘

Another fan who calls herself Nathalie Amese posted this message ‘ welcome back home Koffi, let’s hope that incidemts like this do not repeat themselves even behind the scenes…behave wisely and humanely’


Julius Essoka

Author: Julius Essoka

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