Songstress Abla Davis drops new single ‘Bonafide Hustler’next month

UK diva, Abla Davis is currently in the studios putting finishing touches to her debut single titled ‘Bonafide Hustler from her EP ‘The Life & Times of Abla Davis.

Creative Performer Abla Davis, aka Abi~DeDiVa, who hails from Birmingham in the United Kingdom,  has been performing from the age of seven years old at church plays.

Moving from Birmingham to London, Abla wanted to be taken more seriously for her creativity and music and not to be known for being a socialite party-girl in her hometown.

Songstress Abla Davis who sings “organic music that makes people feel good

Growing up in Perry Barr Birmingham, Abla who has written many songs , was exposed to many sounds of music like Roots rock reggae, drum n Bass, soul and garage music.

However, the diva with a succulent voice was greatly inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Biggie, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. Abla Davis was also touched by Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical flow and Beyonce’s stage performance.

Last year, multitalented Abla, who says she makes “organic music that makes people feel good” was at the heart of many live events in the UK  like directing music videos , running live music events ‘The Live Factory’, acting on Television programs notably ITV’s ‘Marcella’ and also featured in the BBC’s Rellik’ and worked on some Box Office movies.

She also did songwriting for artist’s albums and EPs.

In a chat with Continental Radio Station, the rising songstress said “one day I saw an artist I previously worked with, performing one of the songs I wrote; and whilst watching the crowd response and seeing them dance and singing along, I told myself I was ready to team up with great beat makers and studio engineers to create my Studio EP “The Life & Times of Abla Davis”

It was along these lines that the beauty queen teamed up with an independent producer, MAT Diamond to work on releasing her first single ‘Bonafide Hustler’ from her EP ‘The Life & Times of Abla Davis.

Mat brings out Abla’s ‘Gangsta’ side which she claims she’s not a rapper, but they have managed to produce masterpieces of great music with an up-tempo sophisticated sound for the clubs and  even for the streets.

All seven tracks on ‘The Life & Times of Abla Davis would surely take music lovers on a journey through Abla’s life, leaving them with the feel good spirit.

In perspective, Abla is scheduled to perform in over 100 venues across the UK, as well as stage performances at over 50 venues across the world in her first year of business.

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Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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