Star Profile: Zahara exposes the diversity and richness of African music

By Marlon Katsigazi

Zahara means shining, and this lady is really a shining star. She is truly one of Africa’s hidden treasures, the world needs to get acquainted with her beautiful music. I stumbled on her video Loliwe, and I said to myself this lady is exceptional, and the video was simple but well done.

I try to play the acoustic guitar, so I have a genuine admiration for her work. A “true artist”, is someone who loves what they do, and expresses it effortlessly. That is my definition of a “true artist”, and this South African star is a “true artist”. I think she will be a successful international singer.


Zahara’s music can be categorized as Afro-soul. She sings in her native language Xhosa and English.

Bulelwa “Spinach” Mkutukana (born November 9, 1987) is a South African Singer-songwriter and poet. She started to sing in her school’s choir at the age of six and at age nine, she was told to join the senior choir because of her strong voice.

The soulful artist was born in the Phumlani informal settlement outside of East London in Eastern Cape, South Africa,where she lived with her parents Nokhaya and Mlamli Mkutukana. She has displayed a love of singing from her early childhood days and came to wider attention first when she was appointed as the lead singer in the local Sunday school choir in Phumlani.

Loliwe is a beautiful song, and really illustrates her outstanding talent.

      Zahara at her best

Her music can be categorized as Afro-soul. She sings in her native language Xhosa and English. This rising star, can be compared to soulful singers like Tracy Chapman, India Arie, Ayo and Asa.

Record breaking sales

Her debut album “Loliwe” was released in 2011. The first issue sold out within 72 hours and nineteen days later the album reached double platinum status in South Africa when it surpassed 100 000 sales. This made her the second musician to reach this figure in such record time in South Africa, after Brenda Fassie who’s Memeza sold 500 000 copies within weeks of release.[wiki]

This jewel from Africa, has a lot of hidden potential that the world needs to know, and the purpose of this website is to showcase the wonderful talent in Africa. Zahara has got soul. Discover other African soulful singers and poets. 




Ange Ngu Thomas

Author: Ange Ngu Thomas

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