Uganda: What Next for Weasel Without Radio?

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

Kampala — Star crooners Mowzey Radio and Weasel have been conjoined household names. But death wrenched away master balladeer Mowzey Radio, leaving his chip-in companion Weasel orphaned.

The dynamic duo was inseparable, won awards, released top charts together and lived as twins in the music industry in their 10 years, singing as one. But death wrenched away master balladeer Mowzey Radio, leaving his chip-in companion Weasel orphaned.

Mowzey passed on at Case Clinic in Kampala on Thursday morning at 6pm where he had been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) since the fateful brawl at De Bar, a hangout in Entebbe Town, some 35 kilometres south of Kampala.

But three years back, there was chatter that Radio and Weasel would be breaking up after their ‘Best of Radio and Weasel’ concert at Hotel Africana. This raised eyebrows.

Tension was rife with their fans distressed that their favourite crooners were headed for a split just as was the case with the Obsessions, Wafagiyo, Ziza Bafana, and Yiya Moze, among others. But the Goodlyfe duo did not go different ways.

Mowzey and Weasel continued releasing song after song even as the rumour mill rolled on. The gossips were fuelled further when the pair began releasing individual projects.

Radio did a solo titled, Neera, which did tremendously well with Weasel too soon coming up with Wiggle wiggle, which fared equally well.

Mowzey Radio and Weasel

But with Radio now gone; meaning half of the twins has been chipped away, this leaves many unanswered questions.

How will Weasel, the surviving half of the twins, fare?

Many speculate that Weasel will find it hard to project his songs without his partner while others are hopeful he will still succeed even when going solo.

His optimistic fans say the Ugandan music industry is dominated by dancehall music, which style Weasel is adept at and will not, therefore, find the sailing arduous.

But this lone trip without Mowzey will not be a first for Weasel. Before teaming up with Radio, Weasel already had a song with his brother Chameleon titled, Bomboclat.

It was a hit both at home and abroad and opened up Weasel’s world to the music industry.

Weasel also had a few songs to his name alone in his and Mowzey’s 10-year musical journey, among them Olina work, I’m dying, and Wine alongside Anita Da Diva.

Even as many credit Radio for his huge contribution to the group for his voice and skills in song writing, Weasel also contributed no less.

Listening to Radio alone would never be complete without Weasel’s hoarse voice enriching the melodies and making for brisk sales of the albums done together.

But Weasel too has a good knowledge of the music industry and great team behind him, including Chagga and Emma Carlos, who have great networks.

For these links, Weasel can still perform the songs they did together for the next two years as he pulls himself together.

Sunday Monitor understands that the Goodlyfe camp will soon engage in a serious meeting once the grieving is over to chart a way for Weasel’s career.

Of course, Weasel’s perfect pairing with Mowzey will be a hard act to re-enact. But there are established artistes as David Lutalo with whom Weasel did Hellena, and there’s too King Saha and perhaps Yiya Moze, his singing partner at Ziza Bafana before they broke up.

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Author: Ange

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