Zambia: Singer Pilato Voices Out Against His latest Arrest.

 Rapper & humanitarian activist Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato, says the moment that people stop caring for the poor in a given society, would be the moment people will cease to be humans.

The controversial satirist , together with four others were arrested a couple of weeks ago for publicly protesting against the Zambian government’s procurement of 42 fire trucks worth 42 million US Dollars, at the expense of the country’s poor economy.

Pilato, who uses his music to speak for the people, cited wrongdoings by the government.

Over the past few years, he has also been arrested in connection to themes he developed in his various songs where he mocked and denounced the previous heads of state.

Pilato has emerged as the voice of the voiceless and downtrodden in Zambia

Speaking to journalists a few days after his release from jail, Pilato said what justified humanity was not how wealthy one was, but the love for one another, adding that the suffering of others must inspire someone to cares and help the voiceless and the downtrodden in society.

“This is the basic message that Jesus preached throughout his ministry. This is beyond politics. We must be very careful not to allow our politics to blind us from things that really matters,” Pilato told journalists.

The artist also shared a story of how he was confronted with the reality of a 10 year old street kid whose single mother could not afford to send him to school, but also depended on the kid to provide for the house’s rentals, food and other essentials.

He narrated that he talked to some people who then offered to sponsor the boy to school but that the mother who was unwell turned down the request as she felt there would no longer be anyone to take care of her if the young boy went to school.

He said he left that boy’s house broken, and wondered why he met the kid and the mother if he couldn’t help them.

Pilato further said he has continued to meet people with various needs who unfortunately, he wasn’t able to help them all.

He added he always ask God why he keep meeting people that he can’t fully help.

He further said it defiled description when he sees power-holders misuse public funds ignoring the greatest needs of the suffering masses.

Pilato added that despite not having all the required financial capacity, he has resolved never to ignore the sufferings of the people no matter the cost.

“If it will take my imprisonment for our leaders to remember the poor man’s child, I am ready. I protested because I want my government to spend that $42m on that poor man’s child to get a university degree.

I will protest again because I want the poor man’s child to get treated in our hospitals. I will protest again because I want the poor woman to walk in maternity ward without her own bucket, her own gloves, or her own clipper.

I will protest because I want my government to use people’s funds responsibly,” Pilato said.

He further wondered why the Zambian leaders have continued to accumulate wealth they can’t even account for, while citizens are told there’s no money for the people. He said he will not rest until his people are remembered economically.

Pilato has in the past released songs like Bufi and One Day which both denounced late president Michael Chilufya Sata, and Alungu Anabwela. The songs also which criticize the current incumbent Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

He has in the past been accused of being sponsored by opposition parties but has since refuted the claims adding that it’s his love for the Zambian people that makes him fight on.


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The Continental Radio Station (CRS) is an online radio station run by African media savvies targeting the African and world audience.

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