Zimbabwean Rapper Stunner, Producer Blaqs in War of Words

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Controversial rapper Stunner has criticised delays in the release of Vusa Blaqs’ music videos, but the producer hit back saying Stunner is ignorant.

Motor-mouth rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme needs to mind his own business and stop lying, video director Vusa “Blaqs” Hlatshwayo has said.

Stunner is known for his lack of diplomacy when he speaks and this was the case when he burst out on Facebook, throwing verbal salvos at Blaqs, whom he accused of unprofessionalism and teetering on tribal lines.

Yet, in an interview with The Standard Style, the talented director, behind the visuals for musician ExQ’s Bhachura hit, said the Ndoenda singer’s unprecedented outburst was not only a sign of bitterness but also immaturity.

“He spoke from a point of ignorance and I do not know why he would appoint himself spokesperson of the people I do business with because none of my clients share those sentiments,” said Blaqs.

In his 18 paragraph-word barrage, Stunner did not mince his words, implying that the Bulawayo-bred Blaqs was stalling and sabotaging some local artists’ video projects on tribal basis.

“When people are bitter, they find all sorts of things to say but I believe the work I do transcends these divisions and one man’s opinion cannot change how I work,” Blaqs responded.

Despite word doing rounds in the music industry that the music director was indeed flouting contractual agreements, none of his clients have come clean on whether the allegations hold any water.

However, it is believed that a comment by Blaqs on Stunner’s Ndoenda video could have fuelled the bad blood between the two.

Taking to the YouTube comment section a month ago, Blaqs registered his distaste on the video, saying it was a talent-free attempt portraying only one side in the rapper and ex-wife Olinda love saga.

Blaqs reinforced his comment, saying his opinion was not personal: “We should not be reactionary because we need to look into the future, is it [Ndoenda video] going to be relevant? This is a man playing victim but not showing the other side; that is how I feel.”

Although his number was unreachable Takura appeared to defend his new Mungandidii video (directed by Blaqs) which Stunner referred to as a “shitty job”.

“Stop riding on other people’s backs and learn to take chances. What you don’t realise when you do that is you’re helping the other person live their dream,” he posted on his Facebook account Takura Bernard Shonhai.

“Trust me. When you say you expected more from me, I feel the same way. I expect more from me too, but if you must know, I always give my best in everything I do and what you see, is what I could do at that time,” he said in another post.

Stunner was not available for comment as his phone rang unanswered on Friday but through the rant, he advised the rising Blaqs to be humble.

“… be humble Mr Blaqs, I wont mention how many artists are crying because you have suddenly become so arrogant and instigating things like Shona/Ndebele what, what… ” reads part of Stunner’s post.


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The Continental Radio Station (CRS) is an online radio station run by African media savvies targeting the African and world audience.

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